Our Philosophy

Fresh Ingredients
Every week, we select the finest ingredients and create menus that best reflect our culinary vision. Daily specials in or restaurant showcase changes in the seasons and the superior quality of our ingredients which are only paralleled by our culinary creativity.

is the spice of life.” And we agree! That is why we strive to offer menus that combine traditional flavors with non traditional elements and cuisines.

(Deliciously Healthy) Nutririon and Balance
For our customers, it’s transparent but every component has a purpose, every dish a value in nutrition. We take the hard work out of eating healthy by carefully combining the right amount of nutrients to create a deliciously healthy meal.

Lean in Cuts, Mean in Flavor
Only the leanest cuts of beef are available in Alive, from tenderloin to veal, the only sinful thing about eating meat is that is so flavorful.

Whole and Organic
Why strip your food of all that is nutritious and flavorful? From breakfast cereals, organic pastas and whole grain breads our menu features a variety of grains and organic products that will provide you with the whole gamut of essential foods your body needs.

Low in Fat, Low in Cholesterol
Healthy oils and fats like the ones found in nuts and olive oil are selections of choice in the confection of our dishes.

Low Sodium
That’s half of our promise. Food is seasoned with special blends of spices so as to assure our customers that no excess salt will be added to their food. What’s the other half? It will taste fantastic.

Safe Cookware
We pride ourselves in using cookware not made out of aluminum so as to protect from poisonous metals seeping into the food.

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